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A summary of projects I've completed and worked on, in so exploring creative ideas and becoming more knowledgeable of different programs.


3D and 2D advertising

Three videos showing the Instagram story advertisements made for Design and Customize LLC.

Working in a video editing internship in Summer 2023, the three videos showcases the models and animation created for Design and Customize LLC. The designs are by the company. Models are created and animated in Blender. Composition and editing for sound is done in After Effects. The 2D animation is created in Clip Studio Paint. These videos were exported to Instagram for advertisement.


3d demo reel

A reel showing principles

of animation and own personal interests

This video is a 3d demonstration of my animation skills and interests. The animations are all created in Maya.



A story of a girl and a cat

This short film is about a cat and a girl in a casual afternoon. I want to express the easiness in how your vision of the world beside you can change if you interact with it-- that the world is not that hostile as you think it is.

2021.7~ 2022.1

Flash Monkey

Internship for FlashMonkey Inc., creating the mascot Flash

Focusing on giving life to the icon of Flash Monkey, this project is proposed to create Flash, the mascot of Flash Monkey Inc. Principles of animation is demonstrated through the character, which endows an energetic personality to him. The model is created using Zbrush, and painted within Substance Painter. Afterwards, the character is generated to Maya, where he is rigged and keyframed to demonstrate how Flash would move and act.

3 demo videos had been made to demonstrate the character.

A 3d animation for Flash has been created based on a given recording to introduce the company. 

©All rights on Flash belong to FlashMonkey Inc.


Illustration for animals

An investigation of gouache and the natural world

To become more familiar with the shapes and colors of animals and plants, I decided to investigate and create a series of illustration drawings. The material is gouache  and watercolor paper.

2021.5 ~ now


Part I of the story of Waterman

This is the opening of a proposed 3d animation project that is currently working in process. Applying functions such as Bifrost in Maya, a fluent process of water forming into a person is being demonstrated. Just obtaining the personality of a human, the 'water man' is still stiff in human movements and expressions. However, he will go on an adventure and eventually find what he wants to be.


Exhibition: The Cat world

Collaborated in the group exhibition Imaginary Worlds, which is hosted by Wade Wallerstein.

Focusing on web and mobile AR, the virtual exhibition seen on the right draws the audience into a fantasy style scene. QR codes can be seen besides the exhibited objects for people to scan and watch the models move in action via phone. Using GitHub as a website platform, VR spaces are created from codes. These spaces are directed to in the QR codes that people scan in the exhibition. After scanning the image trackers next to the QR codes, the model will appear in the screen, moving lively.

Models presented within the exhibition:


For better experience, please zoom in on the trackers and adjust screen brightness.



Birth and Death

"What is counted as life? What is seen as death?" This everlasting question inspired this project. A visualized answer was given, The two drawings are two extreme contrasts, analyzing from both color and content. For birth, colorfulness and a high saturation was assigned to bring life to the canvas. An angel can be seen, falling to the ground amongst a shower of meteors. The death portrait brings attention to the theme of being caged. Trapped inside, there is no movement within the area, and there is only a longingness of the light of freedom outside. Both drawings are finished in Photoshop.



Utopia Perierat

A concept design for a unique city floating on the sea

The proposal of this project is to create a city that can work self-sufficiently by itself. Inspired by the legend of Noah's Ark, the city's shell is designed to resemble the shape of a rabbit. Consisting three levels, main citizen activity revolves around the two upper levels, while pipes are laid in the lowest level. The rough design (left) is drawn in Photoshop, while the model is created in Rhinoceros.

utopia perierat.jpg


Lion Gerbert

An animation character design that was applied in a Pixar or Disney style. The personality of this lion is to look evil on the outside, but is gentle and caring on the inside. The design was completed in Adobe Photoshop. To emphasize the ferocious of the animal's behavior, the back was exaggerated to have a triangular shape, which gives a sense of imbalance and aggressiveness. .This is contrasted with its movement, as seen in the left side of the artwork. The tiger is holding a flower in its hands and smiling.

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