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Demo Reel-

Scripting Python-
Cat Generator

Date: 1/1/2024

Medium: Python

The Cat Generator is a Python tool in Maya that gives you the chance to adopt a cat that you like! You can customize the look, give color to it and put in the first steps of rigging to make your cat ready for animation production.


The current rigging tab isn't complete yet, but the first steps such as freeze positions, delete history and defining joint positions on the body is completed. 

Screenshot (4).png
Screenshot (1).png
Screenshot (2).png
Screenshot (3).png


Date: 2/1/2024

Medium: MP4

A turnaround of a character with lighting and compositing done in Maya and Nuke, showing each of the layers of the image. The rendering engine is Redshift.

Model created by Cathy, my friend.

Captured Alive

Date: 5/12/2023

Medium: JPG

The kidnapping case had been ongoing with signs indivating that the culprit is based in the outer woods of the Black Shroud. Qing, an officer that lives nearby, was summoned by his boss to look for more evidence. After arriving, Qing finds that he isn't the only one in the woods. Will he be able to solve the case safely..?

Cat Dragon

Date: 1/1/2023

Medium: JPG

I made two versions of the story between a cat and a dragon, one digital and one handdrawn.



Illustration for animals

An investigation of gouache and the natural world

To become more familiar with the shapes and colors of animals and plants, I decided to investigate and create a series of illustration drawings. The material is gouache  and watercolor paper.


Date: 12/2022

Medium: Unity

Designed a 2D platform game in unity, used downloaded assets to create the game. Wrote the script myself and drew animations of the main character walking, jumping. Also drew the title image and cg's when going through each level.

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