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Demo Reel

A reel showing knowledge of both

2D and 3D animation

All work except for sound sources

are created by Sophia Johnson

Thesis Film

Duration: 3:55
Date: 5/13/2023

Ashtad is a 2D animation that is about the choices of a witch's past. Revived in a factory with only her head, Ashtad tries to remember what happened to her. The past of Ashtad is revealed to the audience, which alludes to the dark stories about society during the witch hunt period.

Captured Alive

Date: 5/12/2023

Medium: JPG

The kidnapping case had been ongoing with signs indivating that the culprit is based in the outer woods of the Black Shroud. Qing, an officer that lives nearby, was summoned by his boss to look for more evidence. After arriving, Qing finds that he isn't the only one in the woods. Will he be able to solve the case safely..?

Demo Reel-animation principles(3D)

A reel showing knowledge of the principles of 3D animation, including playblasts of the render from Maya

Cat Dragon

Date: 1/1/2023

Medium: JPG

Cat Dragon, a storyboard created in Storyboard Pro, explains a story of a cat trying to find the sibling of a dragon who has left it an egg. The storyboard explores the theme of playfulness and wildness, reminding the audience of nature.

Still image rendering

Still image rendering CGI

Creating models and rendering in Maya Arnold

I created a model of my designed character and made props, then rendered the image out in Maya Arnold.